Visitor Registration at Aspen

Enter your contact information below and select a date and time you wish to visit. You can register up to 30 days in advance of your visit. Registration closes at 4pm the night before for weekdays, and 4pm Friday for weekend bookings. Please abide by the following restrictions:
  • 1 visit per day per resident
  • At this time we are unable to serve any food or drink to visitors, you are able to bring your own.
  • Recently the SHA approved changes to the visitor guidelines for all LTC Homes. Included in these changes is Proof of Vaccination or Negative Covid 19 testing for all visitors in LTC and the wearing of Medical Grade masks at all times by anyone visiting LTC. What this means for visitors to Bethany Pioneer Village is the following:
    • on arriving at BPV you will be asked to show proof of vaccination. Currently accepted proof can be a print off of your MySaskHealthRecord, Downloaded QR code from MSHR, Vaccinated print off from Public Health, wallet card given at time of vaccination, or a print off from EHealth following a request for same submitted to them.
    • if not vaccinated the visitor must show proof of a negative Covid 19 test that has been done in the last 72 hours. Testing must be done by a third party and a list of providers can be found on the Gov’t of Saskatchewan site.
    • with either choice, proof of identity that matches the vaccination record or the negative test will be asked for.
  • The other change that will affect all visitors is that a medical grade mask must be worn at all times while in the LTC home. This includes the resident’s room for the duration of the visit.
  • Visitors will be checked in at the door and must show proof of either of the above in order to gain entrance to BPV. Staff will assist visitors to ensure the correct proof is provided and please be mindful that this is part of their job. Please assist us to keep all of our resident safe by cooperating with staff when asked to provide this proof and wearing masks. Thank you

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