Visitor Registration at Aspen

Enter your contact information below and select a date and time you wish to visit. You can register up to 30 days in advance of your visit. Registration closes at 4pm the night before for weekdays, and 4pm Friday for weekend bookings. Please abide by the following restrictions:
  • 1 visit per day per resident
  • There is no longer a limit to the number of visitors that can be present at one time. Please remember, we have limited space for visitors therefore, please indicate the number of visitors that will be present.
  • Masks are strongly encouraged to be worn while on Bethany grounds, but not mandatory. Physical distancing continues to be encouraged, even if fully vaccinated.
  • You will be screened at the door upon arrival. Please be respectful and patient.
  • Guests will be accompanied to and from residents rooms when visiting.
  • No Virtual Visits on Weekends
  • When bringing a larger group to visit please meet in the parking lot before entering, together, respecting your visit time.
  • At this time we are unable to serve any food or drink to visitors, you are able to bring your own.
  • Please note: Visitation regulations and rules can change with little notice as per SHA guidelines

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