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This is not like facebook, facetime, skype .. or lots of apps that allow audio/video communication. CrumbSoftware requires no downloads, no passwords and no special knowledge of a video app.

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You have the ability to configure your entire office. From receptionists and operators to sales agents and service providers. Our web-based PBX provides a solid and reliable platform for all web-based tele-services.

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About Crumbs Security & Privacy

The CRUMBS platform is based on the latest web-based video software platform called WebRTC. It is important to note that WebRTC uses peer-to-peer communications. This means there is not a central server processing your call. Maximum privacy and security is attained through a direct link between the calling device and the called device.

CRUMBS is the perfect platform to help your business increase sales by coordinating your companies interactions. Our approach offers a simple solution for your customers and your potential clients to connect with your sales team and receive a full sales or customer service experience with no need to leave their home. Our service allows you to offer an in-office experience to calling customers and lets you to make a judgement on the value of additional in-person followups.

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