Looking for a better way to manage your companies interactions?

CRUMBS is a private network for your business to effectively collaborate your companies interactions. Our approach aims to help businesses increase sales by offering a simple solution to manage and collaborate your clients, organize projects, assign tasks and stay up-to-date on all your company activity. With a simple customer relationship manager you are able to track, organize and synchronize current and prospective customer information within your organization. CRUMBS also has a common agenda to effectively collaborate your team. Imagine what you could do if everyone was on the same page all the time? With a good business management strategy, you can increase productivity and focus your team on meeting your business goals. This is why we focus on three main tenants: Multi-Device Friendly, No Staff Training and Real-Time Updates.

1   Multi-Device Friendly

Works on all devices. This means you can add a prospective client from your tablet while in a meeting, or update a client’s address in your car from your cellphone. You can even schedule a meeting from your home computer.

2   No Staff Training

Many customer relationship and business management software is to complex to learn. Crumbs stresses simplicity by integrating social media concepts, so it’s a fast learning curve. - Use hashtags (#) for topics and at-signs (@) for people.

3   Real-Time Updates

Mention someone from your team and they will get notified instantly via email. Anytime, anywhere and anyone connected to your private network can get updates much the way social media works.

A Good Manager

- Sets goals for the team and provides the tools to accomplish the goals;
- On a daily basis, knows and interacts with what is going on;
- Provides guidance to bring the best out of each member of the team.

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